Coin 4.24 Char Zombie Mutant (8к Texture) 4.24

Zombie Mutant (8к Texture)
Версия Unreal Engine
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Rigged to Epic Skeleton. Low-Poly Zombie Mutant with 6 skin variations:
  • Pallid Skin + Dirty Legs Skin + Full Dirty Body
  • Pallid Skin with 2 blood variations + Dirty\Bloody Body
  • Humanoid Skin with 2 blood variations + Dirty\Bloody Body
  • Burnt Skin + Bloody Layer
  • Toxic Skin + Dirty Legs + Dirty\Bloody Body
Technical Details
  • Original Design
  • 8K PBR Textures
  • 2 Materials for best quality (Top and Bottom)
  • Skin Variations
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Animated: No (Epic Demo Animations)
Number of Characters: 1
Vertex Counts of Characters: 20073
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 35
Number of Textures: 434 (142 original) Albedo, Normal, ORM, Scattering, Emissive (Toxic Skin)
Texture Resolutions: 8192x8192 (Additionally, the package contains 2K and 4K copies)