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Widget Interaction System with Terminals & Keypads
Версия Unreal Engine

The Widget Interaction System Asset Pack is a universal interaction system for 3D user interface widgets placed in the game world. It allows a smooth and automatic camera focus on widgets, transitioning from default player movement to direct mouse input on the focused user widget.
Besides the core interaction functionality, complex example use-cases in form of ready to use blueprint classes are also included. These blueprint classes cover computer terminals, which can be used to access predefined mail and to control connected systems, keypads for switching system states as well as simple switch buttons. A controllable system can be any other actor that’s using an integrated system component.

Note: Besides automatically focusing on widgets, the system is prepared for using an external interaction system instead. A placeholder interaction system is integrated into the asset pack to demonstrate the usage. You can disable the automatic widget focus for individual or all terminals and instead interact on the press of a button. The system is prepared for being integrated into your game’s interaction system to prevent multiple interaction systems running in parallel.

Technical Details​

  • Highly polished interaction system for UI widgets
  • Computer terminal widget & blueprint
  • Mail content: Show predefined email conversations on a computer terminal
  • Systems: Control the state of other actors in the game (e.g. open/ close doors)
  • Keypad terminal blueprint to unlock actors (e.g. doors) using numeric codes
  • Functions for saving and loading of system states
Input: Keyboard & Mouse
Network Replicated: No
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