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Weapon Pack: Assault Rifles
Версия Unreal Engine
Video: youtube.com/watch?v=-GFAjmtTe5w
Please Note: We are no longer using substances for the materials, they
are now entirely handled with standard UE4 materials. General features
will be the same. As well, we have removed the skeletal meshes from the

This package comes with 5 standard assault rifles. 2 versions of an
AR-15, a Scar, and 2 versions of an AK-47. Each gun comes with an
assortment of material features to customize the look to your needs.
Whether it be clean, dirty, metallic or even some added camo.

There are also 8 of attachments which you can easily apply to any gun.
Scopes, flashlights, grips, and detachable magazines take the looks and
functionality of the weapons to the next level of customization.

As an added bonus, it comes with a full demo scene showing off the
assets, and complete documentation on polypixel3d.com. The documentation
helps users get started and to understand the how-to and why things are
designed in that particular way within the pipeline. Anything that is
beyond our package, we provide specific links to the UE4 documentation
and external tools to help speed up your development.

Need Customization Work?
Send us an email at info@polypixel3d.com
For more information about our services please visit: http://www.polypixel3d.com/services/
Technical Details
*Asset List:***
o 5 Assault Rifles + LODs
o 8 Attachments which work across all weapons
+ Holo Scope
+ Red Dot Scope
+ Sniper Scope
+ Grip
+ Silencer
+ Bayonet
+ Flashlight
+ Iron Sights
o Separate magazines models for ammo clips

o LOD0- 12,000-15,000
o LOD1- 6,500-8,000
o LOD2- 3,000-4,000
o LOD3- 1,500-2,000

o 500-3,000 (with 3 LODs, each reducing by 50%)

*Texture Size:*

1024 & 2048s
First release
Last update
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