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V.I.P 4.25 Weapons Weapon Factory 4.25

Weapon Factory
Версия Unreal Engine

Video Overview: YOUTUBE
Weapon Factory is a modular constructor to make your very own custom weapon. By using different elements from the provided library you will be able to make new guns in a few clicks. Good detailed modular elements optimized for First person camera view. Pack delivered as a project to demonstrate an example of how this modular weapon can be integrated into a first-person shooter game.
new parts added: VIDEO OVERVIEW
Some new functionality to optimize workflow: VIDEO
minor bug fixes

Make a new weapon: YOUTUBE
Test with Advanced locomotion: Short/Long
NOTE for 4.23: To remove blur effect on first person camera go to first person character blueprint, select First-person camera then go Lens=>Depth of Field=> set focal distance to 0.
Update with the fix will be submitted asap.
Technical Details
  • modular weapon solutions
  • deep customization
  • First person template to demonstrate how the weapon can be integrated into your project

Texture Sizes: (please list resolutions for each texture)
1024x1024-2048x2048 each module has separate material and textures set
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Vertex Count: optimized for first-person camera view. around 20k for most detailed combinations
LODs: no
Number of Meshes:
  • Barrel: 8
  • Grip: 4
  • Grip attachment: 2
  • Hull: 8
  • Stock: 6
  • Magazine mount: 3
  • Muzzle/Silencer: 6
  • Handguard: 9
  • Scope: 2

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1-master material/48 instances
Number of Textures: 90
First release
Last update
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