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Voxel Sandbox Toolkit
Версия Unreal Engine

Voxel Sandbox Toolkit is a new improved version of voxel generation from 2016 adapted for 4.22 needs. It generates infinite world with different types of cubes, trees and pickup meshes. Because of additional code implementation is much faster than previous version.

Ideal for creating whole game from blocks, allowing to destroy, collect and place new voxels.
Every pickup and voxel is stored in the inventory and can be easily moved around - from main crafting to the fully functional button bar. Plugin provides savegame system, so can save whole world and load from main menu.
There are additional option to change voxels shape and game conditions.

Broad menu with graphic settings and customization of generation allows to adjust look and performance to any requirements. Code and Blueprints are tidy and easy to follow even if plugin itself is big.
Documentation included makes it simple to use.
Technical Details
  • All source code included
  • C++ World generation is small (only 4 files) with a good performance and logic easy to understand.
  • Small C++ system for finding .sav files * simplicity one file = one map = one save
  • Rest things are in Blueprints so it is so easy to modify like changing voxel size, textures, effects, post process, sky, items etc.
  • Character (3d weapons and attack / up-down animation)
  • UMG (main menu, game menu, interactive cursor, item bar, inventory)
  • C++ Loading Game (slate)
  • pickup
  • More than 50 audio files
In addition:
  • particle effects: falling leaves, flower pollen, birds
  • material effects: wind effect (leaves | grass | flowers), 3d noises (sand | stones)
  • instanced meshes: 4x flower, grass, mushroom
  • BSP creation - items, mushroom
  • fall damage
  • improved FoV
  • polished sky
  • new ambient occlusion
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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  1. Update to 5.3

    Update to 5.3

Latest reviews

Данный плагин полезен тому, кто хочет создать игру похожую на minecraft, но с уникальными возможностями движка UE4. Так как движок позволяет всё, главное учиться. Единственный минус, что плагин работает только на 4.24-ой версии движка и нет возможности его как-то переформатировать на любой другой.