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V.I.P >4.24 Char Viking Warriors 4.22

Viking Warriors
The advanced Material system gives you a possibility to customize the characters and make them look unique. Each body/armor part can be tweaked separately. In addition to the customization option, you can use provided decals or simply add your own logos. A character has cloth parts based on APEX cloth system fully rigged and ready to go.
Fully compatible with UE mannequin and can be integrated into to your project in just a few seconds.
Additionally, this pack included a two weapon asset and sviking shield to make your warriors be ready for the fight.
NOTE 4.20
For anyone who experiences not correct cloth animation with 4.20 please contact me directly. Or reassign APEX cloth file from the link below
VikingWarriorimage08 1920x1080 3cd5185c03a8942b79d746f3e872f9d4
VikingWarriorimage12 1920x1080 4922ac8157f4c1303eb71c6591bb81bc
VikingWarriorimage10 1920x1080 44a8da4d1238eeb650ba2170c3143197

Technical Details
  • Fully customizable Material
  • APEX cloth dynamic
Scaled to Epic skeleton: YES
Rigged: YES
Rigged to Epic skeleton: YES
Animated: Compatible with all Animation for standard UE4 mannequin
Number of characters: 8 plus separated parts to be used in projects with customization
Vertex counts of characters: overall per character 70k tris
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048 on each part such as pants or body. (See video with material customization)
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Current Gen Consoles
  • VikingWarriorimage08-1920x1080-3cd5185c03a8942b79d746f3e872f9d4.jpg
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  • VikingWarriorimage12-1920x1080-4922ac8157f4c1303eb71c6591bb81bc.jpg
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  • VikingWarriorimage10-1920x1080-44a8da4d1238eeb650ba2170c3143197.jpg
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