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Char US Paratrooper N/A

US Paratrooper
Версия Unreal Engine
One of the most iconic and recognizable uniforms during WWII - US paratrooper also known as Airborne. Must have Character for most of WWII inspired project from D-Day and Battle for Sicily to Pacific and Berlin battlefields.

The material system will give you a possibility to customize this character. New camouflage patterns and shoulder logos can be easily added to make it looks unique. And as result can be used with something completely different. Alternative history? Why not?

Video with Overview and integration

Model sharing standard UE mannequin and as result you can use all available animations from marketplace, also don't forget to check free animation starter pack from Epic
The advanced material system gives you a possibility to assign custom camouflage texture and adjust colors for some elements. For example, you can easily create team colour differentiation.
Fully compatible with physically based render pipeline (PBR) high detailed textures.
All texture sets include following: Diffuse(Albedo) , Roughness, Metalness and Normal map
Well balanced for Mid/Long distance and close up render. Geometry created to be used with third person camera or for NPC/Enemy in both first and third person camera view.

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: YES
Rigged: YES
Rigged to Epic skeleton: YES
Animated: YES
Number of characters: 3
Vertex counts of characters: 28000
Texture Resolutions:2048x2048
Number of Animations: 4 retargeted animations from animation starter pack. For demonstration purpose.
Supported Development Platforms: Win

The first update includes Thompson SMG weapon, New head variation and uniform set.
The update is free for existing owners. (please update with Launcher )

!Important Message!
If you decide to buy it I'm kindly asking you to rate product with some comments below. I may continue to work on new content only if I know what customers thinking about it. Any rating good or bad will help me to improve quality. If you unhappy then I'll do my best to fix the problem or make the content better with an update. if you happy this will give me a passion to continue making awesome content for UE community. All my asset available only at UE marketplace. This is really important for me to have feedback from you!
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US Airborn image 08 1920x1080 2aeb597096fa28cc893ce5cae20b1c4b
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