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TopDown RPG Template V2
Версия Unreal Engine

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Have you always wanted to create a TopDown RPG ? Then this product is made for you !
TopDown RPG Template offers you lots of features to create such games :
  • Stats for Player and Enemies (Resistances, Attributes, Speed, States)
  • Inventory and Equipment with Item handling (Chest, ...)
  • Unlockables Skills, stored in Skill Sets
  • Spells
  • Modifiers and effects you can use to modify Stats or damage an Actor over time
  • Level Travelling
  • A multiplayer mode
  • Save/Load system to save Player
  • Merchants (new in V2)
  • Craft (new in V2)
  • And much more...
Technical Details
Current Version : 2.1
  • Item handling (Inventory, Chests, Equipment)
  • Weapon, Spells, Damages, Modifiers and Effects
  • Stats, Skills and XP/Levelling
  • Multiplayer, Save/Load system for the Player, Level travelling
  • Nearly everything is made with ActorComponents, for more modularity
  • Most of the features use a Data driven approach (Data Tables)
Number of Blueprints: 201 (22 ActorComponents, 22 enums, 64 structs). (Materials : 22, textures : 69, meshes : 27)
Input: Keyboard and Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Documentation
Important/Additional Notes:
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