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V.I.P 4.24 BP Third Person Shooter Kit "Marcin Matuszczyk" 4.24

Third Person Shooter Kit "Marcin Matuszczyk"
Версия Unreal Engine

Coming new and updated features in next free update: aiming in FPP (MGS5 style), weapon system major upgrades (slots, more weapon archetypes like sniper rifle and much more), weapon quick select, replacing all animations with new one recorded using motion capture, enemy strangle with movement, new melee attacks, new sounds, AI buddy interactions, objectives, climbing, new UI, AI spawner and much more!
Technical Details
Third Person Shooter Kit serves as a base for third person shooter game. It's a 100% blueprint project, with Paragon example characters, detailed features level and notes inside blueprints. It contains advanced mechanics like cover system and robust AI. Some sounds might come from freesound.org

Major features:
  • cover system for player and AI
  • human AI (hostile and friendly)
  • Paragon example characters
  • quick time events system
  • ladder and ledge climbing
  • stealth kill
  • pathnode animation system for AI
  • UI (health, ammo, type of weapon)
  • Main Menu

• Running
• Crouching
• Sprinting
• Jumping
• Slide
• Vault for player and AI
• Side kick attack for player and AI
• Crouching walk
• Rolling (during close up aiming and normal aiming)

- Shooting
- Guns - assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, silenced pistol
- Weapons change
- Turret
- AI look for player after lost sight
- Pickable items - (health, ammo)
- Pathnode animation system for human AI
- Gamepad support for gameplay
- Save game framework
- Pause menu
- Laser sight
- Player noise system
- Exploding barrel
- Button panel with IK targeting
- Enemies are able to alarm each other
- Destroyable cover points and vault for AI
- Surveillance camera
- Dynamic input change
- HUD notification
and much more!
First release
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