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V.I.P 4.25 BP The Turrets 4.25

The Turrets
Версия Unreal Engine
This is a big package that contains 2 types of Turrets with interchangeable heads.
You will be able to Shoot, Burn, explode, and vaporize your enemies and friends with these massive high detailed turrets. They can be constructed, destroyed, or simply shut-off during gameplay.
With many adjustable options like Target type and turret head, you can customize them anyway you see fit!
Technical Details
UPDATE!! The Pack is getting an overhaul!. Next Unreal version(4.25) will have the update.
If you have bought this pack and don't like to wait please email me: crowsfieldco@gmail.com.
  • 4 Main Blueprints (TurretBase, Placeable TurretBase, ControleUnite, PlaceableTurret Builder) and with 6 secondary Blueprints(Base Head, Gun Head, Flamer Head, Missile Head, Laser Head and Turret Controle Unit)
  • 4 Environment Blueprints (Container, Light Big, Light Small, Target)
  • 4 Projectiles (Bullets, Bullet Shells, Missiles, Missile Caps)
  • High quality meshes with either 2 or 4K textures
  • Many Particle Effects like Bullets, Flames, Explosions, and Lasers
  • 2 Example maps
  • Many Audio samples
  • Test Gun Blueprint to destroy the turrets with.
Number of Blueprints: 25
Input: For now F Key & LMB and RMB but can be easily replace in BP
Network Replicated: No (Ignore the video saying it is)
Supported Development Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows and Mac (tested) but should work on all
Documentation: Link
First release
Last update
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