V.I.P 4.24 Envir The Great Marsh 4.24

The Great Marsh
Версия Unreal Engine
An environment situated somewhere in the remoteness of Eastern Europe filled with fog, wind, and water.
Technical Details

  • Spline Based telephone placement with random mesh selection and rotation, includes automatic cable attachment
  • Spline based guard rail system for road
  • Includes sounds, particles, blueprints, materials, meshes, textures, and the demonstration map shown in the pictures
Texture Sizes:
  • 1024x1024 - 4096x4096

Collision: Yes, auto generated in editor
Vertex Count: 24 - 33076
LODs: Yes, auto generated in editor
Number of Meshes: 71
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 60
Number of Textures: 142