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V.I.P 4.25 Music The Complete Customizable Dark Soundtrack Bundle 4.25

The Complete Customizable Dark Soundtrack Bundle
Behold! The Underworld to your game’s Overworld. The Twilight Realm.. the Dark World. Built from 13 main themes, these 91 individual versatile loop-able wav files of the theme sections and individual instrument elements, give the game developer a huge amount of creative control and are tailored to fit easily into a variety of game settings. A perfect collection of songs to compliment a retro/digital genre video game, or to bring variety to an orchestral soundtrack.
Every theme also has at least one {DARK} version, which focuses on low bass sounds and drums.

Listen to the PREVIEW:

Themes Included:
Menu Theme 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Ambient + Melody, Strings, Sections]
Menu Theme 2 - Loops: [Ambient, Ambient + Melody, Violin, Sections]
Exploration Theme 1 - Loops: [Strings, Strings + Melody]
Exploration Theme 2 - Loops: [Ambient, Minimal, Sections]
Space Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Sections]
Space Battle - Loops: [Action, Ambient]
Battle Theme 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Minimal, Sections]
Battle Theme 2 - Loops: [Alarm, Percussion]
Boss Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Drums]
Underground Theme - Loops: [Action, Ambient, Melody, Sections]
Night Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Horns, Melody, Orchestra, Sections]
Dark Atmosphere 1 - Loops: [Action, Minimal, Percussion, Ambient, Sections]
Dark Atmosphere 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Cello, Melody, Piano]
Short Sound FX - [Heartbeat, Digital, Drip, Hit, Low Hit, Percussion, Strange]

Any issues or questions, including custom music additions, contact me at: maskil.ada@gmail.com
Technical Details
  • Professional Quality Original Music
  • Suitable for Dungeons / Caverns / Space Exploration / 2D Platformers / Top-Down Action and more!
  • Numerous Versatile Loops, Short Transitions, Song Endings, and Event Sounds
Number of Audio Wavs: 91
Number of Audio Cues: 91
Sample Rate/Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does Music Loop: Yes
Minutes of Audio Provided: Over 160 minutes! (2Hr 40Min)
Supported Development Platforms: All
Supported Target Build Platforms: All
First release
Last update
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