V.I.P 4.26 SFX Spacecraft Engine Sounds Vol. 1 4.26+

Spacecraft Engine Sounds Vol. 1
Версия Unreal Engine

The package includes sounds for each vehicle:
  • 24 fast and 24 slow acceleration sounds
  • 24 fast and 24 slow deceleration sounds
  • 60 seamless loops of engine rpm sounds at five speeds - idle, low rpm, mid rpm, high and very high rpm
  • 96 transition sounds between speeds

A total of 12 spacecrafts in the set.

Each vehicle is a complex, massive and multi-layered sound that contains realistic vehicle samples and multiple layers of synthesis.

Can be used to create many types of futuristic vehicles: spaceships, spacecrafts, copters, interceptors, UFOs, flying cars, space and sci-fi vehicles. Enjoy!

Technical Details​

  • 252 game-ready sound effects
  • 44.1 khz, 16 bit, wav, stereo
  • 12 spacecrafts in total
  • 5 types of engine rpm - idle, low, mid, high, very high
  • 60 seamless loops of engine rpm sounds in total
  • 48 acceleration sounds, 48 deceleration sounds
  • 96 transition sounds between engine rpm
  • perfect for the game genres of simulation, adventure, strategy and more

Number of Audio Waves: 252
Number of Audio Cues: 252
Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16 Bit
Do Sound FX loop: Yes
Minutes of audio provided: 34 minutes 24 seconds
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