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Soviet Electric Locomotive
Версия Unreal Engine

Soviet Electric Locomotive made to be game ready. Such electric locomotives were actively used on the railways of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Objects from the set can be used to design the railway environment of post-Soviet countries.

First of all, these are props, but I have separated all the wheels from the general model in advance, they can be rotated separately in the blueprint. You can make a two-section train, adjust the lighting on both sides, or turn it off completely, as well as choose one of the many color options of the train, including changing the color of the sections independently of each other.

In addition to the train, there are several variants of the railway track in the set, a separate train trolley in the blueprint and its component parts as props.

Technical Details​

  • PBR Materials
  • Reasonable poly count
  • Optimized the density of the textures
  • PBR Textures are collected in ORM packages
  • A few of the texture sets to the train
  • Blueprints: Customizable train
Texture Sizes:
  • 16 - 2x
  • 1024 - 1x
  • 2048 - 4x
  • 4096 - 79x
Tris count:
  • SM_Train_VL80T - 428008 tris (Static mesh with wheels)
  • SM_Train_VL80T_body - 416232 (Static mesh for blueprint)
  • SM_Train_VL80T_el1 - 420787 tris (Static mesh for blueprint / 1 section)
  • SM_Train_VL80T_Telega - 97358 tris
  • Other: 212 tris - 91474 tris
Collision: Yes - Handmade + Auto
LODs: Auto
Number of Meshes: 24
Number of Materials: 3
Material Instances: 53
Number of Textures: 86
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