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Free 4.25 Smart Spline Generator 4.25

Smart Spline Generator
Версия Unreal Engine

This tool allows to generate various assets that automatically align/react to any surface, in highly customizable way. Create ivy, vine, ropes, bridges, fences and more – with many customizable parameters & possibility to use your own meshes.

• Fast and easy generation of surface-aligning assets
• Many parameters for controlling generation behavior, all described in their tooltips and in documentation levels
• In-engine documentation: All the features explained on working examples in demo levels
• Possibility to use your own meshes
• Set of starting presets included
• With help of UE Merge tool, you can convert any generated asset into static mesh, to reuse it in different levels/projects – or to export & edit it in your 3D package!
• Made 100% in Blueprints.

Latest update (4.21+):
  • Added new "StripStem" feature that significantly decreases vert count on stem-heavy assets (e.g. vines with many sub stems, long cables & ropes, etc.) while retaining almost the same look. It uses a poly strip as stem spline meshes instead of regular cylinders and thanks to UE SplineThicken material function it retains the cylindrical look. For example, on one of the more advanced vine presets it reduces vert count by over half.
  • Improved generation speed
  • Faster & more convenient asset handling, because the RunConstructionScriptOnDrag is now turned off by default.
  • New: Stem thickness control (start thickness, end thickness & thickness falloff)
  • New: On/Off switch for spline mesh shadow casting & collision - useful for optimizing your assets individually.
Technical Details
Number of blueprints: 24 (1 main generator blueprint & 23 default presets)

List of features:
• Large set of generation parameters, like spline direction, sub-spline amount, spline/sub-spline length, curve, mesh amount, align rotation, height above ground, random irregularity levels and many, many more…
• Automatic bridge mechanic: Automatically finds nearby surfaces to make bridges with. Allows to control bridge gravity and more (presented in the video)
• Low-poly edge snapping: Allows to generate lower-poly assets without problems caused by low poly count near surface edges (presented in the video)
• Automatic spline mesh optimization – replaces most of spline mesh sections with low-poly versions, leaving only critical areas like edges or corners
• Compatible with UE Merge Actors tool, which allows to convert any generated asset into a single static mesh
• Many starting default presets that you can derive from.
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