V.I.P 4.25 BP Slice Meshes, Skeletons, Projectiles 4.25

Slice Meshes, Skeletons, Projectiles
Версия Unreal Engine
Technical Details

  • Number of blueprints: 12. Blade bluerprint can be attached to any character, 3rd pers or 1st pers player.
  • Player & Enemy Rigged/Scaled to Epic skeleton. You can rig and use your personal characters.
  • Player Attack Sword Animations: 2 (1 combo + 1 simple). You can use your sword animations.
  • Meshes: 3 (Katana, Bullet, Cannon). Change sword mesh or skeletal mesh. Use any projectile bullet or arrow mesh you want.
  • Sound: Katana & Bullet FX
  • Playable Demo level included with 3rd person player
  • Multiplayer: Not tested or supported
  • Platform: developed and tested on Win64 (VR version will come out in the future as a separate version)
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