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V.I.P 4.25 Envir Slaughterhouse 4.24

Версия Unreal Engine

Slaughterhouse environment includes, pig carcasses both static (2) and rigged (2) with physics assets ready to take the hit. Also included: modular building blocks with both interior and exterior, props wrapped in Blueprints as pipe and wire-splines with a bunch of variation possibilities. Scraps include wood planks, and pallets. Also suitable table, bench, sink, radiators, and gutters

Outside world is build from frozen birch tree(s) and from a small twig-type foliage with spline road, spline fence, spline icicles and landscape and an ice material. Last but no means least a haze and snowfall particle systems are included to finish the job.
Technical Details
12 Blueprints, 66 materials & instances, 71 meshes, 4 particles, 2 skeletal meshes, 105 textures (2 placeholders).
Included Blueprints are tools to replicate meshes and to add some adjustments for example:
with carcasses-BP you can choose amount of carcasses, set random rotation seed and choose between static and skeletal meshes to be used (Enable "sub-stepping" in project settings and lower "Max substep DeltaTime" to remove skeletal mesh jittering). With pipes-BP can use spline to drag out the pipes, choose the mesh from 5 meshes, add start and end c-pipe, rotate c-pipes and choose from 3 materials. Bird BP-includes target point search for the bird mesh. Particles include 2 versions of haze (modified material for interior and exterior lighting) water drip, and snowfall. Texture sizes from 1024 to 4096, mainly diffuse, normal map and mask textures.
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
Average tris count: 3000 tris count from lowest (foliage twigs) 50 to highest (birch LOD0) 17700
Meshes have 1-4 Lods
Number of Meshes: 71
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 66
Number of Textures: 105 (2 placeholders)
First release
Last update
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