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V.I.P >4.24 Envir Simple Military хз

Simple Military
Версия Unreal Engine
This Simple Military pack has been meticulously crafted to work great for your next action game. Combine it with other Simple Series packs to build your own Simple World.
Great for both First and 3rd person perspectives this pack includes Characters, Vehicles, Weapons and Environment props to take your Simple Style game to the next level.
Technical Details
20 Characters - 3 Texture Variations each
Soldier01, FemaleSoldier, FemaleMedic, Medic, BombDisposal, GasMask Soldier, General, Jungle Commando, Mercenary, Pilot, Training Soldier, Special Forces01, SpecialForces02, Special Forces03, Special Forces04, German Soldier, Terrorist01, Terrorist02, Terrorist03 and EasternSoldier01.
12 Weapons
Pistol, AssultRifle01, AssultRifle02, Shotgun, SniperRifle, Rifle, SubMachineGun, RPG, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, FlashBang and a MiniGun
15 Vehicles
Tank01, Tank02, APC01, APC02, Armored Car, Fuel Truck, Troop Truck01, Troop Truck01, Attack Helicopter, Transport Helicopter, Portable Radar, Medic truck, Scud Missle truck, Military Drone.
93 Environmental Prefabs
AmmoBoxes, Apartment Buildings Damaged, Barracks, Barrels, Barriers, Military Buildings, Crates, DirtBoxes, Fences, FloodLights, Fuel Tanks, Ground Asphalt, Ground Dirt, HeliPad, Metal Boxes, MinniGunStand, Missle Launcher, Mud huts,Office Buildings Damaged, PalmTrees, PowerPole, Road Pieces, Rocks, Rubble Piles, Sandbags, Speakers, Spools, Store Buildings Damaged, Tank Stop,Targets, Tents, Tire Pile, Walls, Walls Damaged, Guard Tower and Broken Concrete Walls.
First release
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