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Shadow Stealth
Версия Unreal Engine
Shadow Stealth implements a "hide in the shadows" gameplay mechanic, perfect for thieves, assassins, and alike. All the features are easily accessible from Blueprints, including very easy integration with AI Perception. No C++ knowledge is needed.

Technical Details​

  • Supports All Light types and mobilities.
  • Supports per-channel (RGB) light intensity.
  • Integrates with AI Perception component through AI Sight sense.
  • AI Perception integration is extendible with Blueprints and C++.
  • Easy setup with a handful of components. Level editor tools and predefined actors are provided for convenience.
  • Performance is independent of the size of the map and the number of lights.

Code Modules:
  • ShadowStealth (Runtime)
  • ShadowStealthShaders (Runtime)
  • ShadowStealthEditor (Editor)

Number of C++ Classes: 20
Network Replicated: No (Nothing to replicate)

Latest updates

  1. update to 4.27 v1.7

    update to 4.27 v1.7
  2. Fix link

    Fix link