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V.I.P 4.26 Envir SHADERSOURCE - Tropical Ocean Tool UPDATE V2.1

SHADERSOURCE - Tropical Ocean Tool
Версия Unreal Engine


Enable "Generate Mesh Distance Fields" under Lighting within your Project Settings -> Render Settings. Otherwise the water shader will not display correctly.

UPDATE V2.1 (Released) 04/21/20

Engine 4.23

  • Added Manual Wave Spawner
  • Added Follow Player (Use for Infinite Water)
  • Increased base water mesh size
  • Various small hot-fixes and additions
Engine 4.24

  • All listed above
  • Added support for new SingleLayerWater shading model. (can choose new or old) Much better on performance

v1.3 Update 11/27/2017 (Engine 4.16 - 4.22)

  • You can now edit all the material instance parameters and underwater effects within the BP_WaterShader details panel.
  • All settings within the details panel have been named to make more sense to what they are doing.

How to use: Please see the tutorial blueprints added in the 2.0 version (engine 4.23)

Drop the BP_WaterShader into your level scale to the size you wish

Toggle the spawning waves feature, add amount of islands, trace your island with the splines.

Sit back and watch as your beach comes to life with waves!
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  1. UPDATE V2.1

    UPDATE V2.1