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Screenshot Pro
Версия Unreal Engine
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Screenshot Pro is an editor utility that acts as an all purpose camera manager, great for architectural visualization.

Screenshot Pro creates a paused instance of your scene at capture time at the specified resolution to ensure the highest possible quality, preventing the usual blurry artifacts when using the built in high res screenshot tool.

The Pre-Capture delay setting allows you to determine how many frames to accumulate allowing temporal effects like Temporal Anti-Aliasing and Raytracing to resolve fully. (This does not currently use the new Render Movie Manager in 4.25 but integration is planned for future updates.)

Easily rename your cameras - which in turn changes the output filename as this is based on the camera's name.

Quick access to the details panel of multiple cameras means you do not need to find the camera in your outline to edit it's settings. This applies to settings for both standard and cinematic cameras.
Technical Details
  • Render stills with Path Tracer
  • Batch High Resolution Screenshot
  • Rename Cameras
  • Pilot Cameras
  • Edit Camera Details
  • Toggle HDR Buffer Export
Code Modules:
  • ScreenshotPro (Editor Module)

Number of Blueprints: 10
Number of C++ Classes: 3
Network Replicated: No
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