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Coin 4.26 Weapons SciFi Rocket Launcher AK9 Playable 4.25

SciFi Rocket Launcher AK9 Playable
Версия Unreal Engine

The Sci-Fi Rocket Launcher AK9 comes with a fully playable 1st Person Shooter pawn blueprint, and a 3rd Person Animation Blueprint. It also includes and an abundance of sound effects and particles, a detachable scope, a rocket projectile blueprint, explosion sparks that ricochet off the correct angle, and a scorch mark decal that attaches to both static and simulated meshes
The animation is set up using Epic Games' Mannequin rig, so it can be applied to any character that uses it.
You can easily adjust the color of your weapon, its holographic scope and the its laser fire through blueprint variables.
The 1st Person and 3rd Person animations are smoothly blended, each in their own animation graphs
The animations include:
  • Reload
  • Equip and Lower weapon
  • Aiming down the sights
  • Hip firing animation
  • Sprint and walk
  • Jump Start, Loop and End
  • Idle
  • Weapon down pose

Sound Cues include
  • Ammo Pickup
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Beep (for Aiming through scope)
  • Empty ammo click
  • Reload

Particles include Muzzle flash, Muzzle smoke, and ricochet sparks.
( Please Note: The explosion is a placeholder for you to replace with your own effects. )
Technical Details
  • A playable 1st person Pawn Blueprint with the Epic Games First Person Mannequin
  • A Demonstration blueprint of the 3rd person Animation Graph.
  • A Rocket Launcher Skeletal Mesh, with a root bone that can be aligned and attached to the Hand of the Epic Games mannequin skeleton.
  • Rocket Launcher AK9 static mesh
  • Scope static mesh
  • 4 Rocket Launcher AK9 Materials that include a color masks
  • A muzzle flash particle
  • Rocket smoke trail particle
  • A laser burn bullet hole decal material
  • 4 Particles total
  • 8 Sounds with 6 Sound Cues

Number of Unique Meshes: 6
Number of Animations: 26 (13 (1st person), 11 (3rd person), 2 for launcher)
Collision: Automatically generated
LODs: 3
Vertex Count:

Rocket Launcher = 11,100 to 1150
Scope = 1140 to 290
Missile = 2030 to 380

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 17
Number of Textures: 13
Texture Resolutions:
4096 = 1
2048 = 6
1024 = 4
16 = 2

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac
Documentation: In Blueprints
Important/Additional Notes:
(Please Note: Explosion Particle is a placeholder. Please replace with your own for more realism.)
(To make the scorch decal only affect an individual mesh, please view this link.)
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