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>4.24 SciFi/Industrial Level Kit 2.0 4.22+

SciFi/Industrial Level Kit 2.0

SciFi Industrial Level Kit. v.2.0
Designed to be a useful, ever growing set of valid solutions to boost creativity for end users.
It presents a modular, combinable system of objects, structures and PBR/IBL lighting solutions which allow the creation of different sci-fy, hi-tech industrial themed scenes.
More than 1500 meshes and Blueprints for walls, ceilings, floors, doors, crates, containers, barrels, computers, screens, pipes, cables, corridors and pre-assembled and editable buildings with different sizes and purposes. All of them with 4k,2k and 1k highly detailed textures.
Technical Details
  • More than 1400 meshes (ranging from construction parts to props) and 94 Blueprints containing pre-made buildings and structures.
  • More than 70 high quality materials including a wide selection of decals.
  • Includes 1 fully lit demo level plus 1 level displaying all assets
Texture Sizes: (Color, Metallic, Roughness and Normal)
  • 52 of 4096x
  • 29 of 2048x
  • 10 of 1024x
  • 15 of 512x
  • 9 of 256x
  • 14 of 128x
  • 6 of 64x
Collision: (Yes. Customized per mesh)
Vertex Count: Meshes ranging from 4600 to 4
LODs: Planned for future version updates. Currently not implemented.
Number of Meshes: 1423 meshes and 94 Blueprints containing pre-assembled models.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 75
Number of Textures: 135
Supported Development Platforms: Desktop (Windows, MAC, Linux)
First release
Last update
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