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Coin 4.25 Props Sci-Fi Pipes And Cables 4.25

Sci-Fi Pipes And Cables
Версия Unreal Engine

A set of modular pipes and cables for a sci-fi industrial environment. Contains over 90 cables and pipes assets, decals, and animated(flipbook animation) screens. Highly configurable materials, 4k textures.
Technical Details
  • Modular Pipes & Cables kits
  • Decals - 2 sets of decals: working with Mobile devices; and for PC/Console
  • Animated screens (flipbook)
  • Highly configurable materials: Pipes' & Cables' color, metal, roughness values can be changed, decals can be turned off. Screens' animation speed, color, emmission can be tweaked, or freezed and the display set to a specific animation phase.

Number of Unique Meshes: 98
Collision: Generated and custom
Triangle Count: 9 are <1000; 54 are 1000-4000; 22 are 4000-5800; 13 are 7000-9000
Generated and custom
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 132
Number of Textures: 284
Texture Resolutions: 119 4K; 110 2K; 28 1K; 27 under 1K
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac
Tips on using splines to bend assets:
Use subdivided meshes as spline mesh
Forward axis should match mesh orientation
Most assets have a length of 400/200/100
Stretching presets:
  • Point To Point: meshes will be spawned from one point and stretched to the next (use this when mild stretching isn't easily visible)
  • No Stretching: meshes will be spawned one after each other along the spline and stretching will mostly depend on the tangents of each point (place points at beginning and end of each spline mesh and use tangents to bend)
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