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Coin 4.25 Envir Sci-Fi Models and Materials by Lost Day Games 4.25

Sci-Fi Models and Materials by Lost Day Games
Версия Unreal Engine
This sci-fi pack is intended to be used as a starting point and could be kitbashed to good effect. Included are sci-fi doors, boxes, barrels, pipes, wires, and other details to create a space station like environment. Everything in the screens is included in the pack including the room.

Most props use multiple materials consisting of a normal map, roughness map, and color map. Some have emissive, transparency, and metal maps. All models have collision and are scaled in centimeters. Notable models include the room itself, doors, window and mainframe.

  • There are two doors. Each is included two ways -all together, or frame and door separate. This way the doors can be slid open. Normals from high poly versions of the doors were baked on to low.
  • The window has a closed and open variety. Normals from high poly version of the window were baked on to low.
  • The mainframe comes as all one piece, but the keyboard and monitor are also separated out.

The room is included as a reference and can also be used in your project. Lighting is baked in the room for now, but I am going to submit a version where the lighting is real time so there aren't great variations from engine version to version.
Technical Details
  • A variety of futuristic prop models to add detail to a game
  • Many useful materials which can be used to expand the prop models or create rooms
  • One full room with lighting which can be used as a reference or expanded upon
Texture Sizes:
  • Most are 1024x1024 with some being 2048x2048
Lightmap UV: Optimized at creation of prop, not auto generated
Scale: Centimeters
Collision: YES - Custom and automatically generated depending on the model
Vertex Count: Varies per model, the high end being around 2,300
Number of Meshes: 63
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 42
Number of Textures: 95
First release
Last update
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