V.I.P 4.25 Weapons Sci-fi Arsenal Vol 1.0 1.0 New Update (1 Grenade , 2 Crates added)

Sci-fi Arsenal Vol 1.0
Версия Unreal Engine
A set of more than 15 high quality Sci-fi Weapons and Crates for your next shooter game - Rifles, Pistols, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, Detonator, Ammo Crates, Ammo Boxes. Including Animations.

* Please all screenshots were taken from the Unreal Engine 4 editor viewport *

New Update:
Character & Weapon Animations in FPS Camera View Preview Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vYGV0FbVcs

Main Features:
  • Skeletal Meshes contains animated parts, LODs, Custom placed Physics Assets, Customizable Material Instances.
  • Static Meshes also contains LODs, Collision Mesh, Customizable Material Instances.
  • Simple Weapon Blueprint Classes which implements Ammo Digital Display system on weapons.
  • Character Animations included for weapons (Idle Stance, Fire, Reload).
Technical Details
Texture Sizes: 4096x4096 & 2048x2048.
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes.
Collision: Yes (Automatically generated).
Physics Asset: Yes (placed manually for realistic collisions results).
Triangle/Vertex Count: 96 Triangles - 64,000 Triangles.
LODs: Yes ( 2-3 LODs per Skeletal and Static mesh).
Number of Static Meshes: 13 Static Meshes.
Number of Skeletal Meshes: 41 Skeletal Meshes.
Number of Master Materials: 4 Master Materials.
Number of Material Instances: 46 Material Instances.
Number of Textures: 256 Textures.
Fonts: 2 Fonts included ( Used in 3d UMG widget blueprint for Ammo Digital display system ).
Particle Systems: 1 particle system (Rocket Launcher Laser).
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Consoles.

Important/Additional Notes:
  • Please all screenshots were taken from the unreal engine 4 editor viewport .
  • Unreal Engine Mannequin Mobile version included for quick animation retargeting, you were not charge for that, it's free .
  • You are meant to Retarget all the character animation sequences and Aim Offset to your custom Character to be able to use them in your project.
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