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4.25 Sci Fi Aircraft 4.18-4.25

Sci Fi Aircraft
Версия Unreal Engine
YOUTUBE (4k recommended)

This highly detailed asset is specifically tailored for sci-fi environments, as a player driveable vehicle or enemy (scaled to epic mannequin). Comes with a quick start Blueprint structure to show how the animations can work together. Please mind that it's not a fully featured flying system. It's only for demonstration purposes. You need to adapt this asset to your own needs and project mechanics.

Control keys are included in the Technical Information section (SEE BELOW).

Includes 4 baked skins, plus 2 Master Materials for infinite colour scheme customization. With 4 LODs levels, it can be used as an hero asset or a more casual background element. 4k Textures and additional decaling geometry for an outstanding image quality even on 4k close up shots.

Early Bird Price: Grab it while it's hot!!

Technical Details
  • Sci-fi aircraft including 4 skins (1 customizable) and basic Blueprint for a quick fly test
Texture Sizes: 4k
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated
Vertex Count: LOD 0: 40214 - LOD 3: 10625
LODs: 4
Number of Meshes: 1
Number of Animations: 6 plus 1 blendspace
Number of Materials and Material Instances:
  • 8 (4 premade skins, 1 customizable, 1 decal material, 2 screens materials)
Number of Textures: 37 (Base Color, Normal, Emissive, Packed AO, Roughness, Metalness and opacity)
Supported Development Platforms: PC, XBOX, PS4, OCULUS RIFT, VIVE
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, XBOX, PS4, OCULUS RIFT, VIVE
Documentation: Aircraft controls:
  • Move Forward (w)
  • Move Backward (s)
  • Strafe Left (a)
  • Strafe Right (d)
  • Pitch Up/Down (Mouse Y axis)
  • Yaw Left/Right (Mouse X axis)
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