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Russian Winter Town
Версия Unreal Engine


This ridiculously modular Asset Pack contains a large number of game-ready Meshes, Materials, and Particle Effects for creating your own frosty little world.
Walls, windows, doors, roofs, staircases, railings, hedges, balcony pieces, roads, street lamps, and other props (like pipes, furniture, antennas, satellite dishes, etc.) are presented in different variations so there is no limit to your creativity.
The pack also includes a layered Landscape Material with adjustable tessellation as well as trees, dry grass, boards, and plywood.
The architecture is mostly Russian and Eastern European. Since every 3x3m of wall is a Separate Mesh, you can choose whether or not to include interiors (several wallpaper and floor Materials) in every single house. The doors are already done as Blueprints so they interact with the player's movement.
The included levels are designed to show off as much content as possible (as you can see in the video demo). Because of a huge number of Movable Lights, localized Volumetric Fog instances, tightly packed Meshes, and a vast landscape, there is likely to be a performance hit on some machines.
Technical Details
  • Modular and detailed architecture
  • Several texture variations for almost every mesh
  • A Landscape Material with 4 layers and tessellation
  • Trees, pines, grass, bushes, and water material
  • Particle Effects for steam and highly detailed snowflakes
  • Volume Material for localized Volumetric Fog (like the one shown at GDC 2018)
  • 2 massive demo maps to get inspiration and ideas from
Texture Sizes: 512-4096
Collision: (Yes, custom and automatically generated)
Vertex Count: the number of triangles on most of the meshes is below 500. The trees are 800-2000 triangles each.
LODs: (Yes, custom and automatically generated)
Number of Meshes: 123
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 172
Number of Textures: 399
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