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RPG System: All-In-One
Версия Unreal Engine

This is the RPG System: All-In-One, the only one you’re going to need, all features of a full RPG game in one Framework.

Fully Customizable, easy to Integrate and Multiplayer compatible!

Successfully tested in UE5 and will be updated as soon as Epic allows so.
Disclaimer: The shown Environment (MultistoryDungeon) in the pictures/videos is NOT included!

Technical Details​


Dynamic Class System - Multi-Class, Base Stats, Stat Modifier
Skill System - Offensive, Passive, Buffs, Modules to create own skills
Stat Bonus - Scale your stats based on Item Level, Rarity and other parameters
Status Effects - Stacks, Stat/Element/Attack Bonuses and more
Inventory System - Equipment, Consumables, Stackable, Weight, Currencies and more
Item Socket/Gem Slot - Add Sockets to your Item and add special items into it to make it more powerful!
Crowd Control - Freeze/Curse your enemy, change the behavior or anything else you have in mind!
Drop System - Create loot crates, loot pools etc.
Crafting - Combine or create new items
Advanced AI - Highly Optimized, can use Skills, Stat Bonuses, Equip Items, Spawn Slaves(ads) etc.
PvP - (Toggleable) Battle with your friends for fun!
Widget Examples for all systems
Top-Down and Third-Person Example
In-Editor Tutorials
- Over 30+ Tutorials that guides you right away in the Editor! (More are coming)
Chat support (Discord, Email) and optional TeamViewer(Desktop sharing) for verified buyers with special needs

Number of Blueprints: 105, Structure: 66, Enum: 30, Widget: 40, Datatable: 8
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard + Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
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