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Coin 5.3 BP ‌‌‍‍‎ Update RPG Inventory and Interaction System v1.9.1

RPG Inventory and Interaction System
Версия Unreal Engine
Update 1.8 Unreal 5 CHANGELOG
Supported Engine Versions: 5.0

- Fixed a validation issue that occured upon closing the game while certain widgets was still open
- Fixed a compilation error for Dedicated Server, by moving Cancel Drag Drop node into the InventoryWindow widget
- Fixed an issue that prevented widget tooltip from being properly displayed when game was paused [Gamepad only]
- Changed the method of capturing the scene upon saving, now it is done as async task
- Changed the Save Render Target format to decrease the size and possibility to open output image as a basic PNG file
- Changed method of clothing simulation to Chaos Clothing Simulation Factory

System includes:
  1. Interaction - based on Capsule Trace and Box Collision. Provide Object highlight and Interaction Widget.
  2. Inventory - based on 4 Inventory Panels, Equipment Tab with 4 consumable Slots(each has individual Action Key), Live Character Preview, Statistics Tab, Health and Stamina Bars, Drag and Drop / Right Click functionality.
  3. Loot boxes, Item Pickups - each provides you with an Items Bar, from where you can choose which Items you want to take.
  4. Vendor, Storage - Customizable Inventory Size (and Gold for Vendor). Drag and Drop / Right Click functionality as well as Splitting Stackables.
  5. Dropping Items - You can Drag and Drop an Item in your Inventory into DropBar, after that the Item will be spawned in a bag near the Player.
  6. Consumables and Action Keys - You can easily customize your consumable Item to affect the Player with specified buff, e.g. Add N Health over N Duration.
  7. Save/Load System - Provide 3 types of Saving (Quicksave, Autosave and Checkpoint), Capture Thumbnail
Technical Details

  • 3 different interaction methods (Single press, Holding, Mashing)
  • Interactable Component (can be added to any actor)
  • Drag and Drop with border highlight
  • Splitting Stackables (eg. Selling to Vendors or dropping on the ground)
  • 4 Consumable Slots with individual Action Buttons
  • Equipment Tab (Head,Chestplate,Legs,Boots,Gloves,Necklace, Weapon and Shield)
  • Live Character Preview
  • Many statistics values
  • Dropping functionality (spawning bag near the Player)
  • Consumable effects (You can choose Stat, Method of adding, Value, Duration, Num of repetitions)
  • Seven types of Interactable Actors (Loot box, Item Pickup, Vendor, Storage, Forge, Door, Movable Object)
  • Easy to add new Items via Item Data or Data Table
  • Crafting System (Added with patch 1.2)
  • Shield Slot (Added with patch 1.2.5)
  • Save/Load System (Added with patch 1.4)
  • Movable Objects with Destination Point and Travel Duration (Added with patch 1.5)
  • Gamepad Support (Added with patch 1.5)


  • 6 Components
  • 1 Function Library
  • 2 Blueprint Interfaces
  • 14 Structs
  • 19 Enums
  • 44 Widgets
  • 52 Items
  • 55 Item Icons

Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
First release
Last update
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