Coin 4.25 Props Road Sign & Billboard Generator Pack v2.0

Road Sign & Billboard Generator Pack
Версия Unreal Engine

Now inc 3 RoadSigns(check this GIF) blueprints

Highways and road also add any black and white image into the custom shader and decal maker.

ALLPACS Billboard Generator Pack consists of six unique billboard blueprints that allow you to easily create a custom billboard for any situation.
Check out the 50 SECOND DEMO VIDEO

+ Drag a billboard blueprint into any map and create a nearly limitless number of variations using the details panel
+ No assembly required
+ Blueprints are documented and commented with more 30 exposed variables with tooltips
+ All settings are loaded at runtime via the construction script to save on performance
+ Each blueprint includes a light system with settings for on/off, top/bottom, color, intensity, rotation, and cone angle
+ Custom ads for both single and double sided models, with 7 different display sizes to choose from
+ Set leg height and chose from 3 different leg style
+ Custom materials and textures with editable material parameters for moss, dirt, and color
+ Includes a gantry system with height settings

* All display images are from Unsplash for both commercial and noncommercial purposes
Technical Details
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC
Number of Blueprints: 5
Documentation: PDF+DOC
Polygon Count: Depending on complexity of the billboard ranges from 1000-3000Polys (2000Tris- 6000Tris )
Number of Meshes: 49
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
Number of Master Materials: 4
Number of Material Instances: 12
Number of Textures: 24