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V.I.P 4.24 Anim Realistic Female Player Anims 4.24

Realistic Female Player Anims
Версия Unreal Engine

160 high quality motion captured animations of locomotion and combat moves. This pack includes 8 directional walk/run/crouch movement in both root and non-root motion. Each directional walk cycle has a start and stop that return to the idle. Includes a 9 point punch aimscreen and a 9 point kick aimscreen, each timed to allow you to blend between them and place your attacks with precision.

These were captured by an actress who is combat-trained with a focus on realism and accuracy. This pack includes 2 different female meshes (Star1 and Star2) that are based on the updated UE4 character and 100% re-targetable to any other character using this skeleton.
Technical Details
New UE4 Character ready
160 Animations: Including the following...
8 directional walk w/ and w/out root motion (start and stops for each direction)
8 directional run w/ and w/out root motion (start and stops forward only)
8 directional crouch w/ and w/out root motion (with transition in and out of idle)
blends between walk and run w/ and w/out root motion
9 directional punch aim screen
9 directional kick aim screen
as well as other flourish combat moves
jump from idle w/ and w/out root motion
running jump w/ and w/out root motion
flail animation (with transition in and out of idle jump apex and running jump apex)
and much more...

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