V.I.P 4.25 Char Ravens S1: Assassin 4.25

Ravens S1: Assassin
Версия Unreal Engine

How to use my male character with ALS
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Update 7/10/2019:
  • Add boot without metal knees
  • Removed Locomotion animations
There are many part of characters separated and blend different colors, textures and dirt
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Technical Details
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: No (Skelaton same struction and bones name as Mannequin but addition facial bones and weapon bones, you still can use assign skelaton or retarget animation same as normal way. You should watch this video to clearly how it work)
Animated: Yes
Number of Characters: 1
Vertex Counts of Characters: 15.000 - 35.000
Texture Resolutions: 2048 - 4096
Number of Animations: 35
Animation Type: Root Motion
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Please read documents in Overview map
How to use my male character with ALS V4