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V.I.P 4.25 BP Radial Scan FX 4.25

Radial Scan FX
Версия Unreal Engine

What is it?
Radial Scan FX is a highly customizable scanning ring shader, prepped and ready for easy integration into your game. With a few tweaks, you can create an entire game mechanic using just the shader.

The scan effect is projected onto the world using deferred decals, meaning you can layer many Radial Scans on top of each other at once without impacting performance.

How do I spawn it?
Much like a particle effect, you can attach the BP_RadialScanComponent to any actor and fire the Spawn Radial Scan Effect function to begin the scan. Alternatively, you can drop in a BP_RadialScanActor and fire the Begin Radial Scan function. Be aware that the actor will die upon completion.

How do I customize it?
To customize the way it spawns, moves and dies: Adjust the settings on the scan component
To customize the look of the scan effect: Adjust the material instance settings.

How do I make it project on everything?
Make sure that Receives Decals is enabled on every mesh you want the effect to cast on.
Technical Details
  • Forest example map
  • 5 Radial Scan FX examples
  • Many material functions
  • Tool-tipped and ordered material settings
  • Static switches to enable advanced effects
  • Color gradients & gradient atlases
  • Texture projection settings
  • Directional scanning projection
  • Sobel outline effects
  • Stencil mask settings
  • Up to 4 layers of Radial FX in the master shader (can be expanded for more)
  • VR Compatible
Number of Maps: 1
Number of Textures: 25
Number of Materials: 20
Number of Material Functions: 13
Number of Blueprints: 4
Number of Meshes: 7
Supported Platforms: Desktop, VR
Important/Additional Notes:
  • Works on mobile with Mobile HDR enabled. However, the sobel effect is not supported.
  • Does not support Forward Rendering.
  • The forest assets originate from Soul: Cave by Epic Games but the materials and textures have been tweaked to look their best in the forest setting.
  • If you have bad performance in the example map, edit the level blueprint and remove the volumetric setting adjustment or disable volumetric lighting entirely.
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