V.I.P 4.25 BP Race Kit 4.25

Race Kit
Версия Unreal Engine
Preview: youtu.be/8DKIwYrFPjI

Race Kit is a drop in solution for implementing positional racing logic using 100% blueprints. Use it as a starting point for a racing game or as a new feature for your existing action or open world game. Works with any player type whether it's an already existing character or vehicle, on land, in the sea, or in the air! Simply add the Race Kit Component to your racer of choice, drag in Race Kit Checkpoints around your racing area, and use the Race Kit Manager to start the race and handle the positions of your players.
Technical Details
• 10 Blueprints
• 2 UMG
• 2 Enums
• 1 Struct

• Works with any type of racer
• End to end and Lap race types
• Supports any amount of races per map
• Supports multiplayer
• Racing statistics: Position, Lap, Lap Time, Best Lap Time, Race Time
• Spline following Mesh Racer AI for pacing and testing races
• UMG UI with scoreboard implementation