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V.I.P 4.25 BP Quest System 4.25

Quest System
Версия Unreal Engine
Video: youtu.be/YIs2GsUAsd4?list=PL_KX9infRdRgBOHsXMMAKCWQPbHK_e9sX
Example Project: gum.co/HbOB
Example Project for UE 4.21 and above: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12mFy50vML2_9MhFrfqK5RL-gdQyAteZx?usp=sharing

Multi-purpose quest system plugin, which will fit for any type of game.
Add Quest Manager to PlayerState blueprint(or in Player Controller or Character, if you're not planning to use it in multiplayer or with different pawns) and you can start to use the system.
All you need to do is to set some params in a quest or task blueprints(like quest description), implement reaction on events, like OnQuestCompleted and place a few nodes in proper places according to your story, like AcceptQuest to start the journey.
Technical Details
Easy-to-use Quest Manager
Suit for any type of game
Create any type of quests with any number of tasks with blueprints or C++
Make complex story with multiple endings by using quest branching
Multiplayer Support - Each player can have their own quests - like in MMORPG
Easy to Save/Load
Requirements check before quest or task can be started or completed
Tasks can be completed parallel or in a sequence
Lots of events are available to use (like OnQuestCompleted, OnQuestTaskFailed, etc)
Add or remove new tasks for quests at runtime, if you need it
Add or remove rewards for quests or tasks at runtime, if you need it
Add or remove requirements for quests or tasks at runtime, if you need it
Set additional params to your quests, tasks, etc, and use them later
Source code included - adapt quest system for your own needs
Free example project with a lot of usage examples
Active Quest and Quest Journal widgets with multiplayer support are included in example project
Modular approach - you can reuse tasks, requirements, and rewards in multiple quests
Behavior Tree Tasks and Decorators for Quest System
Timed quests and quest tasks are supported
Repeatable quests support (you can also specify how many times it can be repeated)
Daily quests support - set required delay before player can take a quest again
You can set how many tasks from available should be completed to complete a quest
Migrate quests between different pawns (good for vehicles)

Network Replicated: Yes
Intended Platforms: Windows
Platforms tested: Windows
Documentation Included: youtu.be/fhu7gVya0RI
First release
Last update
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