Free Public Hallway Pack 4.24

Public Hallway Pack
Версия Unreal Engine
Use this modular kit to build your level from scratch - or simply use the library of props to add detail to an existing project.
This pack would be a perfect starting point for a variety of locations: school, hospital, office building, headquarters - the possibilities are endless.
Custom damage and grime sliders allow for integration into a wide variety of locales. These sliders can be controlled individually, or universally using a Material Parameter Collection.
Technical Details
  • Fully customizable material instances allow for control of: grime, damage, color, roughness, wall and floor patterns, and more.
  • Modular mesh pieces snap together for quick iteration.
  • Includes simple blueprints of assembled meshes for even quicker placement (ie, doors placed in door frames with correctly positioned pivot points).
  • Timeline animations for doors and light switches (ready for player interaction).
  • Forward Rendering now supported for Unreal Engine verions 4.20+ (see documentation)
Texture Sizes:
  • Mostly 2k textures, all resizable to suit your needs. A few smaller meshes use 512MB and 256MB textures for better texel density.

For product support or to report bugs, please post on the Unreal Forums - Public Hallway Pack post.

Collision: Mostly simplified box collisions; some auto-generated where more detail was required.
Triangle Count: See Documentation
LODs: No custom LODs. (Most meshes have a relatively low triangle count; if LODs are needed, Unreal's auto-generation works well).
Number of Meshes: 71
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 14 base materials, 56 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 140
Supported Development Platforms: Win, Mac, VR
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win, Mac, VR
Documentation: User Guide and Technical Information
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