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Post Soviet Kitchen
Версия Unreal Engine

This project includes small room (according real Russian room standards) with many objects suitable in Russian manner of life. All objects shown in the scene designed in one style and can perfectly suit for AAA class game in the genre of horror, adventure or shooter. Each object was measured in centimeters for the most realistic look. The whole scene has a slight wearness and dilapidation. The developer can construct his own room using modular pieces, change the color of the walls, floor, etc. Props and geometry were textured using maps for PBR (Albedo, Metallness, Roughness, Normal).
Technical Details
Texture Size: Varied (256 to 2048)
Collision: Yes
Vertex Count Varied
LODs: 83
Number of Meshes: 119
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 71
Number of Textures: 117
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