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V.I.P 4.26 Envir Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox 4.26

Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox
Версия Unreal Engine

ArtStation Galllery
This pack is modular and it includes weathered wooden boards, beams, plywood, a tree stump, some rusty pipes and steel plates, iron rods, a shattered road, lamppost, traffic lights, ropes, bricks, car tires, concrete blocks, and more. Most of the assets have 2 or 3 material variations.
The idea is that all of these can be used to design your own post-apocalyptic (or abandoned) shelters, villages, and towns. Besides the meshes, there is also a couple of Blueprints containing prefabs of shacks, industrial ruins, improvised beds, and benches.
To bring everything to life, there is also a decent number of vegetation types (dead trees, weeds, dandelions, and ivy!). You can also use the foliage tool to add some rusty nails and screws to the surfaces of your buildings.
All the imperfections (rust, dirt, scratches, etc.) are hand-painted. All the materials use PBR.
Technical Details
  • 46 carefully designed and detailed props
  • 14 plants\grass meshes, 3 lifeless trees
  • 70 PBR materials and instances (interchangeable where applicable)
Texture Sizes: 512x512 - 4096x4096 (mostly 2k-4k)
Collision: Yes, handmade and automatically generated
Vertex Count: 400-800 for most of the assets, a few have 1,400-1,600 verticies, and a cloth mesh has 4,096 triangles.
LODs: Yes, automatically generated
Number of Meshes: 63
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 64 master materials, 6 material instances
Number of Textures: 206
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