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V.I.P 5.1 Envir Open Worlds 5.1+ (18.5 Gb)

Open Worlds
Версия Unreal Engine

Update 5.1: Connect the box to: /Project Settings/ Platforms/ Windows / D3D12 Targeted Shader Formats/ SM6

- Renewal mountains with Nanite. The second texture is optional or interchangeable with another. Includes Blending with the optional terrain as well.

- Lighting with Lumen

- Various improvements added.


Fundamental requirements for the level version UE 5.1:

  • Connect the box to: /Project Settings/ Platforms/ Windows / D3D12 Targeted Shader Formats/ SM6
  • Project setting: Support hardware Ray tracing ON
  • Project setting: Global illumination: Lumen
  • Project setting: Shadow map Method : Virtual shadow Maps
  • Project setting: Enable virtual texture support ON
  • Project Setting: Default RHI, select DirecX 12
  • Connect the Virtual Heightfield Mesh plugin.
  • Connect the WATER plugin for "Beach and Coast Environment"
(All the packs that make up "Open Worlds" are compatible with each other because they share the same structure and most of the materials, but each pack has its own assets that are different from the rest. It is possible that there may be a repeated plant or similar things in some pack given the amount of assets that make up the complete pack).

Open world based on four different scenes from each other. :
  • 1: Aesthetics based on high mountains in rural areas. Fir Trees, cedrus, pine and other trees are typical
  • 2: Contaminated, dead trees area or invaded by some external component which makes the vegetation suitable for mystery scenes of all kinds
  • 3: Atmosphere with lots of pine, trees in the area with arable almond trees.
  • 4: Beach Environment.

Coral, road damge, Moss, drywater, and terrain paint paintables from Vertex paint.
  • Designs specially optimized for videogames and arch-viz.
  • One level with 3 scenes not optimized for games.
  • 4 Level sample with Virtual texture optimized optimized for games
  • Total levels: 5

39 High resolution scanned tileable terrains with Virtual heightfield mesh for Displacement map from UE 5 version. Some of them have a version with water.

Remember to connect the Water plugin to access the "WorldandCoast" level that belongs to the Beach Environment pack, otherwise the level will not be visible.

Did you purchase any of the packs that "Open Worlds" contains and now you want the complete package? Contact me and you will have a significant discount.

18.5 GB download process!!

Technical Details​

  • Collision interactive
  • Virtual heightfield mesh ON
  • Runtime Virtual Texture ON
  • Nanite ON
  • Lumen ON
  • Decals algae, road damages, drains and Road marking.
  • Include mesh algae and Coral underwater
  • Wind per Vertex paint.
  • Procedural forest generation
  • Automatic Grass
  • High resolution photogrammetry.
  • Distance Field ON.
  • Lods wirh Billboards.
  • Vertex Paint based in 4 and 3 layers(optional)
  • Grunge option.
  • Alpha Brushes for sculpt Landscape.
  • Road Splines, promenade, jettys rocks.
  • Blueprints Splines: 4 Cliffs, Power Pole, Water, 2 Mountain Walls, 7 Roads
  • 4 Level sample with Virtual Texture optimized for videogames and Archviz
Meshes: 483
Blueprints: 30
Collision:Yes, custom and automatically generated
Vertex Count:156 triangles to 128.00(Jettyrock extreme)
LODs:Yes, 3 To 5 usually and Billboards
Materials: 30 Materials (6 Landscape), 11 Functions Material, and 1 Parameter Collection
Material Instances: 565 (5 Landscape)
Number of Textures:654 (117 Landscape)
Texture Resolutions:256x256 to 8192x8192(Cliffs)
Supported Development Platforms:
Documentation:1 illustrative file inside the project.
Notes: I7 4790K RTX 3060: 35 to 70 FPS in 4 Levels
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