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V.I.P 4.26 BP Open World AI Spawn System v1.1

Open World AI Spawn System
Версия Unreal Engine

A multiplayer version of this pack can be found |here|
A system intended for bigger more open levels that makes it easier to spawn and de-spawn enemies without relying on a setup with a ton of trigger boxes.
This package contains a very accessible spawn system that you can easily combine with your own AI.
The spawn system makes sure that when your player is too far away from AI, it doesn't exist. it's only there when it needs to be there.
It also allows you to spawn different groups of AI and add randomization. It's been made 100% in Blueprints and it's easy to read/expand upon.
If you are working on an open world game, or a game with bigger levels this system will probably help a lot in performance.

Basic Example AI included in this package:
  • Roaming AI (Walk around to random locations within a set area)
  • Stationary AI (ex: vendors)
  • Path AI + Path system (An easy to use path system so you can set-up AI paths in a matter of seconds)
  • All AI can be friendly or enemy. (If it's set to enemy it will behave as a simple Zombie AI)

Download a playable demo here: https://goo.gl/1SL5RM
(Intentionally kept some spawn distances smaller so you get to see the AI spawn)
Support discord: https://discord.gg/kdqVrWZ
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Technical Details
List of Features:
  • A spawn and de-spawn system perfect for open world games.
  • Cleans up after itself to make sure it's very performance friendly.
  • Example AI. (Friendly and basic zombie AI)
  • Well documented Blueprints and easy to expand upon with your own variables.

||Update 1.1 video||

Documentation: Available via videos:
First release
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