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V.I.P 4.25 BP NPC Manager System 4.25+

NPC Manager System
Версия Unreal Engine


Main Features:

NPC Profiles
- These are task lists that NPCs will follow as they go about their daily routines. You can use one or more Profiles to customize how your NPCs behave in your game.

Tasks - Each Task can guide the NPC to go to a specific Point of Interest, roam inside a volume, roam between WayPoints, Follow a Path, or Go Home. In addition, you can tell the NPC to go to a specific location in your scene, or even use a Custom Task, where you add your own custom logic!

NPC Dynamic Dialogue - NPCs can talk to each other using the Dynamic Dialogue System. This flexible system uses a Datatable to store all possible NPC lines and the NPCs will create a dynamic conversation on the fly!

Player Interaction - The NPCs have a framework that can be used to add specific Player Interactions, such as a quest or dialogue system! By simply using Blueprint Interface calls you can easily add any dialogue system to the NPC.

Optimization Options - The system has a variety of performance optimization settings, such as a Player Proximity System, and visibility-based optimizations that enable you to have crowds in your scene with great performance!

Crowd Tools - This asset also comes with additional tools to help you build performant crowds. Static NPCs and Spline-based crowds are included to further add life to any game scene.
Technical Details
The NPC Manager allows you to use your own custom characters and animations easily.

Major Systems Included:

  • Ability to create a 24 hour routines with multiple Profiles
  • Points of Interest with multiple Stations, entrances, and spawn points
  • Four Standard Tasks - Go Home, Roam in Bounds, Roam between WayPoints, Follow Path
  • Ability to add Custom Tasks and custom logic to select the correct Tasks inside a Profile
  • NPC Dynamic Dialogue System
  • Player Interaction Framework
  • Basic damage system with Run Away logic and HP regeneration
  • Ability to interrupt the routine at runtime
  • Static NPCs to create a performant crowd
  • Spline Crowd that follows the path
  • Optimization Systems - Proximity System, Rendering Optimization, Visibility Optimizations

Number of core Blueprints: 110
Sample animations included: 17
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Platforms: Win / Mac / Linux/ XBOX* / PS4* / Android* / iOS* /Oculus *
*NOTE: Consoles, mobile phones and VR have not been fully tested. However, this asset uses standard systems and Blueprint functions that should work as expected on those platforms. Please contact me if you have any questions.
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