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V.I.P 4.24 Envir Night Club 4.24

Night Club
Версия Unreal Engine
Completely modular Night Club interior. A huge set of modules and props allow you to build your own club in modern, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk styles.
Demo Level contains:
  • Dance, stripper, boss, bar, toilet, reception rooms and all this connected with corridors
Total over 300 modules:
  • Walls, ceilings, floors, door frames
  • Stairs, Columns
  • Podiums and stripper poles,
Total over 200 props:
Product contains listed props:
  • Stage Equipment - DJ equipment, Speakers, Disco lights, Animated dance floor and panels, Laser projector, Flame and Smoke machines, Mirror ball. Stage base, Truss
  • Bar props - bars, bottles, cocktails, Ice buckets, sparkles, tables, chairs
  • Interior Props - lamps, furniture, vases, plants, pictures, mirrors, decors
  • Doors Pack - single&double doors
  • Restroom - toilet, partitions, urinals, towel & soap dispensers, sinks, hand driers
Technical Details
Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Texture Size : most 2048x2048
Collision: Yes custom and automatically generated
LODs: No
Triangles Average/Max: Furniture 2000/6900, Doors 1300/1700, Bars 2000/7000, Restroom 1500/2600, Stage 2500/25200, Modules 100/10200
Number of Meshes: over 500 unique
Number of Materials: 30 Materials and over 350 Material instancies
Number of Textures: over 900
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (should work on other platforms but not tested )
Documentation: No
Important/Additional Notes: Use 25 grid size for correct modules placement, Images for pictures were taken from the www.pixabay.com
Steps to build lighting for this product: (since the light comes from meshes with emissive materials)
  1. Change "M_A_BaseEmissiveTranslucent" Material's Blend mode to "Opaque"
  2. Build Lighting
  3. Change back Blend mode to "Translucent"
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