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V.I.P 5.3 Plugins MySQL and MariaDB Integration v4.1

MySQL and MariaDB Integration
Версия Unreal Engine
The MySQL and MariaDB Integration Plugin is a powerful and versatile tool designed specifically for developers and creators who use Unreal Engine. This integration allows for seamless communication between Unreal Engine projects and two of the most widely-used database management systems: MySQL and MariaDB. By bridging the gap between game development and database management, this plugin paves the way for more dynamic, data-driven applications and games.

Technical Details​


1. Asynchronous Operations: Harness the power of non-blocking operations. With asynchronous server connections and queries, your UI remains fluid and responsive, ensuring user interactions aren't interrupted even when data operations are underway.
2. Precision in Data Selection: Easily craft select queries to retrieve specific data from the server.
3. Dynamic Data Manipulation: Insert, update, or delete records seamlessly. Create or drop tables from Blueprints, with support for simultaneous multiple queries.
4. Custom Query Flexibility: Use versatile string formats to design both basic and complex queries tailored to your needs.
5. Dual Database Support: Supports both MariaDB as well as MySQL servers.
6. Concurrent Operations: Handle multiple queries and connections at once for optimal performance and interaction.
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