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V.I.P 4.24 MultiplayerZombieSurvival + ALSV 4.0 Replicated N/A

MultiplayerZombieSurvival + ALSV 4.0 Replicated




This project is a third person wave based shooter template. You survive waves of enemies to see how high of a wave you can make it to. Enemies increase in difficulty as the waves progress. The number of enemies scale with with the number of players in the game. You earn points by shooting & killing enemies. Players can spend their points on weapons, traps, doors, or anything else you want to charge points for. This project is fully replicated for multiplayer. It’s setup to be easily edited & changed to your liking. You can simply switch out player characters, animations, weapons, menus, sounds, & enemies with whatever you want to use. This template has been tested & works with the Steam subsystem, however you can use whatever subsystem you want. This template is meant to be used as a starting point for your game. It contains all the base systems to get your multiplayer game operational without all the headaches. This template is not designed to be implemented into pre-existing projects.
Technical Details
  • Access to Extensive Documentation with step by step tutorials (See Link Above)
  • Discord Support with an active community of 100+ people
  • Full Online Multiplayer Support (By default uses the Steam subsystem but you can use whatever you want)
  • Host/Join sessions with server browser
  • Pre-Game Lobby (with character & level select)
  • Chat System (Lobby & In-Game)
  • Settings Menu (Saves & loads from file so settings are always saved)
  • Weapon System (Hitscan & Projectile weapons. Weapon recoil, spread, enemy bullet penetration, & much more. All set in a weapons data table.)
  • Dynamic Crosshairs (increases/decreases in size based on spread of weapon while moving, aiming, etc)
  • Points System (used as the currency in-game to spend on opening doors, buying weapons, traps, etc)
  • Random Weapon Box (grants player a random weapon for set amount of points)
  • Enemy AI with Spawn System/Spawn Points (Basic "zombie" & "Boss zombie" AI)
  • Traps (Player activated to wipe out large hordes of enemies)
  • Spectating & Respawn System
  • Physical Materials (Bullet Holes, Flesh, etc)
  • Enemy Dismemberment System
  • Power-Up Drops
  • Replicated HUD (scoreboard, points, kills, deaths, player image, etc)
  • Interaction System (Used for interacting with weapons, doors, traps, pickups, etc)
  • & Much More!
Number of Blueprints: 81+ (Including Examples)
Input: Keyboard/Mouse, In-Game support for Gamepad (menus require keyboard/mouse)
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC
First release
Last update
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