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Multi Task Pro
Версия Unreal Engine
MultiTaskPro enables multi-threading in Blueprints in the cleanest and the most efficient way.
Create threaded or Async tasks using intuitive nodes.
Keep your blueprints simple with MultiTask Pro.
Synchronize your workflow using ThreadSafe Booleans, Mutex and Queues.


Multi Task Pro in action: Here

Example Project: Here
Example Project 2: Parallel For Loops with Thread Safe Arrays (Get all power of two numbers from 0 to 10 millions)

Multi Task Pro 1.3.6 is Live! (08/04/2020)
  • Fixed a bug with Spread Nodes (DoAsyncTask, DoLoop1D, DoLoop2D, DoLoop3D) that was preventing correct branch selection when Cancelling and restarting the execution.

Multi Task Pro 1.3.5 is Live! (07/06/2020)
  • Implemented new Node NumberOfCoresIncludingHyperthreads
  • Implemented TryLock for Mutexes
Technical Details
  • Create Async Tasks
  • Replication Friendly (new)
  • Create Threaded Tasks
  • ThreadSafe Booleans
  • Mutex
  • FVector Queue
  • FIntVector Queue
  • FIntPoint Queue
  • FTransform Queue
  • Float Queue
  • Int32 Queue
  • Int64 Queue
  • Actor Queue
  • Object Queue
  • FString Queue
  • FText Queue
  • FName Queue
  • Multi-Dimensional For Loops spread across multiple frames
  • NumberOfCores(returns cores number of the system)
  • Prevent Runaway Loop Detection
  • Thread safe line traces
  • Ability to Async read pixel data from UTextureRenderTarget2D and UTexture2D
  • ThreadSafe Integers
  • Sleep (new)
  • DoSpawnInstances (new)

Code Modules: Runtime, Developer
Network Replicated: N/A
Supported Development Platforms: Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation

Important/Additional Notes: