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V.I.P 4.24 Envir Modular Procedural Scaffold System 4.24

Modular Procedural Scaffold System
Версия Unreal Engine
This pack allows to build a full construction site environment. Its main feature is the scaffolding system, inspired from the real Ringlock-type scaffolding. The scaffolding system is composed by the same modular pieces as they would be in a real scaffold. All pieces are low poly.
The sizes are realistic. These pieces can be assembled manually using a 5 cm grid, but they are also prepared to be used with the Modular Snap System. They can also be assembled procedurally using a Blueprint that allows to build prefab blocks. An editor UMG widget offers a compact view of all the options of the Blueprint allowing a faster construction of these prefabs.
The prefabs obtained in this way are modular, so one can quickly build huge scaffolding. The sizes are the real ones, 50-400 cm for height, 70-300 cm for width and depth.
There is also a BP for stairs with 2 materials and 4 different width sizes.
The pack offers a lot of other assets for a construction site: modular containers, fences and gates, curtains, barriers, skips, a tarpaulin, a billboard, corner security guards, various security signs (configurable via Blueprint with 2 different sizes and various texts written in English and Japanese), Japanese style traffic cones, a plastic board, a security LED lamp, spline cables and pipes and a helmet.
There are also all the assets needed for building a road using a spline BP, used in demo to show the scaffold for repairing a bridge.
Technical Details
  • Editor UMG widget for easy procedural building or scaffolding blocks;
  • 8 Blueprints for assembling variants of various assets;
  • 1 spline Blueprint for cables and roads
  • 119 static meshes
  • 79 material instances
  • Complete demo scene (day and night lighting)

Texture Sizes:
  • 2048x2048 : 157
  • 1024x1024 : 10
  • 512x512 : 17
  • 256x256 : 7
  • 128x128 :2
  • 16x16: 3

Collision: Yes, Custom and Automatically Generated
Vertex Count:
  • 67 meshes between 4-500 vertices
  • 26 meshes between 500-1000 vertices
  • 18 meshes between 1000-2000 vertices
  • 4 meshes between 2000-3000 vertices
  • 4 meshes between 3000-3860 vertices

Number of Meshes: 119
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 83
Number of Textures: 196
Supported Development Platforms: Any
Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop
Documentation: https://inu-games.com/modular-procedural-scaffolding-system-documentation/
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