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Char Modular Medieval Warrior 01 v2.0

Modular Medieval Warrior 01
Версия Unreal Engine

Medium armored warriors with 12 modular body parts, 21 changeable color masks and customizable face blend-shapes. Endless possibilities creating new characters with random face generation. Clothes and hair using simulation. Easy to create new character using Creator Blueprint via UE variables. Camera in TPP and FPP mode. Good for medieval ages or fantasy games.

  • Character Creator Blueprint with endless possibilities
  • Changeable 12 body parts (helmet, hood, hair, beard, chest, shoulder, gloves, skirt, pants, boots, shield, weapon) with different models and materials
  • 21 body parts where you can change HSL color (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)
  • Face Creator using Character BP variables (blendshapes and material instance, age and racial control)
  • Hair and Cloth simulation
  • Optimized textures using one RGB texture with channels for - roughness, AO, metallic. Textures in DXT1 format - 2x less VRAM usage (normal map BC5)
  • 176 PBR textures (albedo, normal, RGB)
  • 54 models with 2 levels of details
  • Rigged and scaled to epic skeleton
  • 2 camera types - TPP and FPP
  • 4 sockets for shields and weapons
  • Rig contain twist bones - a lot better transformations in animations
  • Character blueprint - ready to play
  • Animations (Epic animations, modified inside Persona)
  • Documentation file with tutorial!
  • Body proportion control
  • Naked models
  • Configured Physic Asset (ragdoll)
Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Animated: Yes
Number of characters: 1
Vertex counts of characters: lod0 = ~29k (fully equipped)
Vertex counts of characters: lod1 = ~9k (fully equipped)
Texture Resolutions: 1024x1024 - 4096x4096
Number of Animations: 6
Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): 2/4
First release
Last update
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