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Free Modular House 4.24

Modular House
Версия Unreal Engine
Important! Project used Distance Fields and Apex ( for destriction)
Without it project will look different compared to screens and videos
Rare issue: Due to possible engine bug of Exposure algorytm,the picture can be very dark or white, tweak Exposure value in Post-Process (PP_Main) Value from 1 to 5

Update 1.7 New Lighting 4K:

Features Preview:
Glass/Windows Destruction:
Open World Optimization:

The minimum engine version that will receive future updates is 4.19

Modular Houses are fully interactive houses with full interiors and the ability to walk inside. You can create an entire neighborhood with the endless variations. This package contains over 280 models.

  • Modular Exterior and Interior
  • Over 200 Modules
  • Fully Customized Materials
  • Demo scenes with baked and dynamic lighting scenarios
  • Road, Stairs, and Fence Blueprints
  • New/Aged look using vertex paint
  • 19 Pre-built houses included (4 LOD`s)
  • Glass/Windows Destruction
  • Openable garage,houses doors and windows
  • Set of LOD & Lightmap UVs
Technical Details
Texture Sizes: 32 to 4096
Collision: Custom and Auto
Vertex Count: 300-2000 Tris
LODs: Yes
Number of Meshes: 291
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 19 Master and 116 Instances
Number of Textures: 121

Support, Additional info:
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