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V.I.P 4.25 Envir Modern City Bundle 4.25

Modern City Bundle
Версия Unreal Engine
Note: This pack is Exterior Only.
Update: Added two lane streets

Pack consists of two sets of non-modular buildings (Standard and Atlas set), modular street meshes and street elements (traffic and street lights, tree, billboard).
Standard building set aims for higher visual fidelity with tiling textures for windows variations, Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) and Interior Mapping. On lower LOD levels it will drop to Atlas set for simpler material complexity.
Atlas set is performance oriented with single atlas texture for all window variations and support for Interior mapping.
Modular street meshes with street elements (traffic and street lights, tree, billboard).
Prefabs for easy and fast level creation.
Technical Details
  • Two Buildings sets (Atlas and Standard)
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping support on Standard Buildings Set
  • Simple Emissive and Interior Mapping on both Standard and Atlas set for night scenes
  • Modular Street meshes for easy snapping
  • Street Elements (traffic and street lights, tree, billboard, bus-stop)
  • Prefabs: Individual buildings, Buildings Blocks, Streets, Traffic Lights

Number of Unique Meshes: 146
Collision: Yes, custom for most meshes, automatically generated for simple cube shaped meshes like buildings.
Vertex Count: Most meshes range 50-500 vertices with the exception of street elements which can go up to few thousand
LODs: Yes, on most meshes.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8 Materials and 28 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 80
Texture Resolutions: Mostly 1024x1024, with 4096x4096 for texture atlases.
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